• Bioinformatics for Biologists Course

    Latest course date: November 8th-10th, 2019

    3 days; 10,000 lines of code; Analyze biological information by yourself!

  • Cource Information

    Location: Biolake, 666 Gaoxin avenue, East Lake High-tech Development Zone ,Wuhan, China

    Language: English

    Price: ¥2500 (Yuan) (raw price ¥3,000)  

    Coordinator: Sam Komivi Dossa (Wechat: sonsam10, Tel:13020016225 )


    20+ hours on-site schedule

    1st day morning: Linux
    1st day afternoon: Python/R
    2nd day morning: basic DNAseq/RNAseq
    2nd day afternoon: various plotting in R and python part1
    3rd day morning: various plotting in R and python part2

    3rd day afternoon: discussion and solving participants' bioinformatics specific problems



    Places are limited to 20 participants and will be occupied by strict registration order.

    Participants who have completed the course will receive all course scripts and lecture notes.

    Course Objectives

    From this course, you will:

    1, Receive an introduction and historical perspective to the field of bioinformatics

    2, Learn the key methods and tools used in bioinformatics

    3, Be prepared to use bioinformatics in your own work


    Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes:

    1, DNA-seq data processing and analysis

    2, RNA-seq data processing and analysis

    3, PCA

    4, FastLMM - GWAS, manhattan plot

    5, heatmap

    6, cytoscape and network

    7, LD decay, vcftools

    8, bar plot, box plot, violin plot in R

    9, phylogenetic tree


    11, MA plot, volcano plot

    12, GO/KEGG enrichment and plotting

  • Instructors

    Liang Leng, PhD in Bioinformatics


    Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

  • Publications

    Leng L & Zhang DX (2011). Measuring population differentiation using GST or D? A simulation study with microsatellite DNA markers under a finite island model and non-equilibrium conditions. Molecular Ecology, 20, 2494-2509.

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    Sun W, Leng L, Yin Q, Xu M, Huang M, Xu Z, Zhang Y, Yao H, Wang C, Xiong C, Chen SL. The genome of the medicinal plant Andrographis paniculata provides insight into the biosynthesis of the bioactive diterpenoid neoandrographolide. The Plant Journal. 2019 Mar; 97(5):841-57.

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  • The registration process

    Coordinator: Komivi Dossa (wechat: sonsam10, tel: 13020016225)


    To sign up

    Register link: https://jinshuju.net/f/LYtf7f



    Coordinator will contact you


    Advance payment

    Payment of ¥2500 money by Alipay


    Course materials

    Send the course materials to you



    Please bring your laptop to the training

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